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Commercial Rebates


Fulton County REMC is equipped to offer its customers an array of new services that can improve efficiency and cut costs. If you use a large amount of electricity, we can make sure you’re getting the most from your energy dollar.

For example, if you are a manufacturer, a school, an agricultural customer with a lot of energy consuming equipment or a commercial account, we’ll perform an audit of your power use and find where greater energy efficiencies can be achieved – many times at little or no cost. We also offer new and more efficient energy consuming products that will begin to pay for themselves with energy savings in a very short time.

Through a partnership with Wabash Valley Power Association (generates and transmits our power), Fulton County REMC is proud to offer an additional series of rebates, incentives, and ways to save on your electric cost through the POWERMOVES® program. 

POWERMOVES® offers you many different tips that will help make your home or business more energy efficient, as well as programs and incentives that make it easier and less expensive to replace inefficient old appliances, switch to more efficient lighting, and most importantly find other ways to save on your monthly electric bills.