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Operation Round Up


Here at Fulton County REMC we have seven cooperative principles that are the core of Fulton County REMC’s day to day operations. One of these principles being Concern for Community, this is why Fulton County REMC’s Board of Directors voted to adopt the Operation Round Up® charitable-giving program in 2004.

Operation Round Up® (ORU) is a national program, that’s been serving rural communities for over three decades. Since its inception in 1989, ORU has been adopted by 260 electric cooperatives, and has generated $50 million in charitable donations.

The Mission

The mission of the Operation Round Up® program is to provide financial resources to support, improve or advance communities, organizations, charities and worthy causes or events, throughout Fulton County REMC’s service area. 


By simply rounding monthly bills to the nearest dollar, members can make a significant group impact. Every single penny that is donated will be combined together to help local organizations and communities address needs for education, health, public safety, and youth.

To impact the greatest number of people, communities and organizations, and in an effort to give the Operation Round Up® program the best possible head-start, Fulton County REMC auto-enrolled members into the program. On average, participating members can expect to donate $6 per year, and at most, $11.88. Members are always welcome to donate additional funds to the program, by calling the office.

Operation Round Up® is voluntary and Fulton County REMC fully supports a members decision to not participate.
To opt out, please call our office at 574-223-3156.