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Water Heater Services

As a member of the Fulton County REMC, you may receive a 50-gallon electric water heater at the cost of $250.

If you qualify for the water heater program, the Fulton County REMC will provide free water heater maintenance, including parts and labor, subject to the availability of parts. The free maintenance will also be provided for those who presently have a water heater switch installed.

If you do not have the water heater installed within 30 days or you do not have a load management switch installed, you will be billed for the water heater and maintenance will be provided on a fee basis.

You will not qualify for our water heater program for a mobile home or double-wide home, unless the home is mounted on a permanent foundation or basement.

The Fulton County REMC does not deliver or install the water heaters and maintenance does not include the repair or replacement of plumbing or electrical work. Maintenance will be available only during normal business hours (8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday) and someone must be home during our visit.

  • Build a new home or an addition to a home, or replace a gas water heater, or replace an existing electric water heater which is leaking, excluding plumbing leaks, or is otherwise not serviceable due to use, as determined by an REMC employee.

  • Use the home as a full-time residence that is owned and occupied by the member and served by the Fulton County REMC.

  • Allow REMC to install a load management switch.

  • Install the water heater and schedule an appointment for inspection within 30 days of the time that you receive the water heater for warranty purposes.