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Irrigation Service

  • Availability

    Available to any member of the Corporation located on its lines, subject to the established Rules and Regulations of the Corporation.

  • Applicability

    Applicable to individuals, companies, partnerships, corporations or politic bodies for the sole purpose of pumping water for irrigation of land.

  • Type of Service

    Single or multi-phase, 60 cycles, at the following standard voltages; 120/240 volts, 3-wire single phase; 120/240 volts, 4-wire three phase; 240 volts or 480 volts, 3-wire three phase; or other voltages as may be mutually agreeable.

  • Conditions of Service

    Service will be provided in two categories: (1) Non-Interruptible; and (2) Interruptible.

    1. Non-Interruptible service will provide the member with irrigation service not subject to control interruptions within the total capacity limitation for each substation.
    2. Interruptible service will be as follows: Irrigation service may be interrupted at the discretion of the Corporation on any day for up to nine (9) consecutive hours.
    3. A consumer receiving interruptible service may request at any time during the irrigation season to be removed from interruptible service. Authorized removal from interruptible service shall require payment of demand charges at the full rate for NonInterruptible Service.
    4. Any unauthorized tampering with a load management switch by the consumer for the purpose of avoiding interruption shall result in immediate removal from interruptible service, and the consumer shall be required to pay and shall be billed for the full annual cost of the Non-Interruptible service plus a penalty of fifty percent (50%) of the Non-Interruptible demand charge.
  • Rate

    Service Charges:

    • Single-Phase Service @ $41.00 per month
    • Multi-Phase Service @ $60.00 per month

    Demand Charges:

    • Non-Interruptible Service @ $8.85 per kW of billing demand
    • Interruptible Service @ $3.25 per kW of billing demand

    Energy Charges:

    • First 150 kWh/kW of demand @ $.0922 per kWh
    • Over150 kWh/kW of demand @ $.0836 per kWh
  • Fuel Cost Adjustment

    See Appendix A

  • Rate Adjustment

    See Appendix A

  • Non-Fuel Cost Adjustment

    See Appendix A

  • Non-Recurring Cost Adjustment

    See Appendix B