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FCREMC Student Board of Directors

Being a member of Fulton County REMC’s (FCREMC) Student Board is a distinguished opportunity to contribute to your community and build leadership skills for yourself, propelling you through your education and career. High school Juniors and Seniors will have an interactive, hands-on experience with FCREMC, local businesses and nonprofit organization, as well as other local high school students.

Please note this is a 2 year commitment starting August of Junior year and ending in June following graduation. 


What do we look for in a FCREMC Student Board Member?
  • Interest in business administration, marketing, technology, operations, finance, etc.
  • Individuals willing to step up and take initiative.
  • Enthusiasm!
  • A willingness to participate in our community, a spirit of volunteerism, and extracurricular activities.
What are important board dates and events?

Monthly Student Board meetings are required and will take place throughout the year on a recurring date and time (see the Student Board Calendar).

Members can miss no more than three meetings in a year or miss two consecutive meetings with no notification to FCREMC staff of valid reason for missing the meeting.

Optional trips or activities may take place throughout the year as decided by the Student Board and FCREMC staff.

What are the requirements of the Student Board?

The board will be involved in one community project per school year. All members must participate in the Student Board agreed upon community service events, activities and projects, and attend the scheduled monthly board meetings. Provide a voice for your generation of expectations of electric cooperatives. Be present with enthusiasm and a thirst for community and self-improvement. Finally, a parent, grandparent or guardian must be a Fulton County REMC member in good standing.

What do you get as a board member?

Fulton County REMC Student Board Members who meet or exceed all the requirements and responsibilities will earn:

  • A Fulton County REMC Logo polo/shirt.
  • A $1,500 scholarship for 1 year of service.
  • A $3,000 scholarship for 2 years of service.

Student Board of Directors Calendar

Welcome meeting at FCREMC; Overview, building tour, substation, solar/battery tour

Regular board meeting, 6pm at FCREMC

Student board meeting at FCREMC

Regular board meeting, 6pm at FCREMC

Christmas Party, 12pm at FCREMC

Regular board meeting, 6pm at FCREMC

Wabash Valley Power Alliance tour

Easter egg hunt planning

Egg hunt

Regular board meeting

FCREMC Annual Meeting

Apply Now

Applications close March 1, 2024
Junior Board Application

Personal Information

Guardian's Name
Guardian's Name


Are You Able to Provide Your Own Transporation?


I have read the requirements for participation and am willing to commit fully to the Student Board of Directors by attending the mandatory meetings and participating in the projects and events. I verify the information provided is correct, knowing if false information is given the privilege of serving on the Student Board of Directors may be revoked.

Please submit one reference letter. Letters should be from an adult that is not a parent or legal guardian attesting to your character. Teachers, coaches, church members, employers and volunteer groups are all acceptable references.

Maximum file size: 33.55MB