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Residential and
Farm Service (WH)

  • Availability

    Available to any member of the Corporation located on its lines, subject to the established Rules and Regulations of the Corporation.

  • Applicability

    Applicable only for single-phase supplies through one meter to each residential or farm service. Service under this schedule is limited to members who have installed and operate on a regular year-round basis, an electric water heater of not less than thirty (30) gallons capacity. Maximum transformer size supplied under this rate is 100 kVA.

  • Type of Service

    Alternating current, 60 cycle, single-phase at a voltage approximately 120/240 volts three-wire, or other voltages as might be mutually agreeable.

  • Rate — Monthly

    Service Charge: $30.00 per month
    Energy Charge: @ $0.1088 kWh

  • Minimum Monthly Charge

    The minimum monthly charge shall be $30.00 where 15 kVA or less transformer capacity is required. For members requiring more than 15 kVA of transformer capacity, the minimum monthly charge shall be increased at the rate of $1.12 per kVA or fraction thereof required.

  • Meter Reading Charge

    For Member-Consumers that do not have Automatic Meter Reading equipment installed at the point of service, the Corporation may read the meter and charge a Meter Reading fee of $10.00 if the Member-Consumer fails to read his meter and mail it to the Cooperative office for two (2) consecutive months.

  • Alternate Budget
    Billing Plan

    Budget Plan. Upon request of the Member-Consumer, and upon the approval of the Corporation, a budget plan for payment of electric service bills may be used. On the basis of actual experience or estimated consumption where there is no actual experience, the Corporation will compute the annual energy charge for all purposes and divide same by 12. The result shall be the amount to be paid by the consumer as his “Monthly Net Bill.” At the end of the 11th month, the difference between the actual charge and the budget plan shall be payable with the bill for the twelfth month of the billing period. All monthly net bills and any additional payment due shall be subject to any collection charges and terms of payment as specified in this schedule. Any overpayment shall be refunded in cash or credited to the consumer’s account, at the option of the consumer. Budget plans will be set up on or before the 15th of each month. A consumer may begin this plan after one year of continuous service and shall sign an agreement in duplicate.

  • Fuel Cost Adjustment

    See Appendix A

  • Rate Adjustment

    See Appendix A

  • Non-Fuel Cost Adjustment

    See Appendix A

  • Non-Recurring Cost Adjustment

    See Appendix B