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The Benefit of Having  a Local Energy Advisor

Recently I was able to attend a meeting with energy advisors from all over the state.   We have different speakers come in from all across the industry, so we can stay up to date with the changing technology.  While I love learning about the ever-changing world of energy efficiency and the new technology, what I enjoy most is talking issues out with my fellow energy advisors.   Having a resource like this group is what has helped me to better serve the members of Fulton County REMC. 

A few years ago, a national solar company was canvasing the state very hard.  The energy advisors were very vocal about this company. Not because they are anti-solar, but they were concerned about many of the false claims that their members were told.  I feel like that is what being the energy advisor at the cooperative is all about.  I want to try and not discourage a member from doing what they feel is right, I just want to give them the most unbiased opinion I can.   

I am sure that hearing an employee at your local cooperative giving an unbiased opinion is laughable to some reading this. I promise you, that is what you will get from me.  Being a cooperative member myself, we are all in the same boat.  I love when a member calls or stops in to ask a question on a furnace or water heater upgrade and we can talk about the advantages and disadvantages of it.  Some things like the payback on a new heat-pump water heater are a little easier than others, but the harder ones make it a little more fun.   

Should you install a cold climate heat-pump?  Will a Wi-Fi thermostat save you money?  I get questions like these often.  The answer is not the same for everyone.  If you have any questions like these, please feel free to call and ask.  If I cannot find the answer, I can dig into my energy advisor network, and I’m sure find an answer to any question you might have.

Getting to work in the community I live in is something that I really enjoy.   If you see me out and have a question, please feel free to ask.  My wife and daughters are used to me finding someone to always talk to when we are out, and that way they don’t have to listen to me talk about energy efficiency.